A small history piece of the Camino

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Some very interesting history of the Camino.

Today’s auberges would seem like luxury hotels for the early travelers who had very little in comforts along the way.

I wonder what they would think of the current pilgrims with fancy packs, boots, poles and equipment and WiFi.!

Yet even when the trappings change from the satchel to the backpack, from leather capes to waterproof gortex jackets, from sturdy poles often used for protection to collapsible poles, there is an underlying similarity to the journey.

The journey inward for contemplation and clarity is ages old and timeless.

Join us on the Camino tour in May or September.
You’ll enjoy having an experienced guide and a small group.

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  1. I’m interested. 60 years old and also recovering from many tsunamis! Can you forward some general information and price ranges?

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