Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) – What Is It?

If you love walking/hiking to clear your mind, this is probably the ultimate all intensive hike you’ll ever do… It is a profoundly powerful pilgrimage in Northern Spain that has been endured for over 12 centuries by millions of people from all over the world. The tour culminates in the tomb of St. James in the town of Santiago de Compostela.

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Why Should I Do It?

Most of those who have completed this walk had the deep desire to achieve ultimate clarity in their lives to the deepest level of their soul and /or find great peace within themselves.

Perhaps some do it because it is the “in” thing to do. I am personally convinced it has the potential for healing—a soul searching event changing lives because it challenges both your physical endurance and mental sense of inner balance.

It will require deep commitment, perseverance, and tenacity.

Where is the Hike & How Much Time Do I Need?

There are many routes.   If you are walking the complete Camino Frances most guidebooks break the route into approximately 33 days.   However these are arbitrary and you can break the route down to fit the time you have available and also to fit your own level of fitness.   I recommend you allow a couple of rest days and also time to integrate after you have walked.   On our guided fall Camino Frances it is 40 days starting in Lourdes.  This trip allows some time at the beginning to get rid of jet lag and also adjusts some of the days to be shorted.   In the spring there is a shorter trip taking 26 days and walking from Burgos for about 470 KM.   Our Portugal coastal route is 16 days for about 250 KM>

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Source, see:

Imagine the trails on ancient Roman roads and outstanding Old World cultures throughout Spain and southern France.

What Do I Need, to Make This a Successful Endeavour?

To do the complete journey will require deep commitment, perseverance, and tenacity and it helps to be in reasonably good health.

On any epic journey of this nature, it is the unexpected that often surfaces to test the determination of each pilgrim. This could become a great learning experience!

Travel light as there are many places to stay along the route. (see info package for details when purchasing trip)

Who Will I Be Going With?

Firstly, your team guide is Ariana Brackenbury who is:
– Founder and Principal of Awakening Yoda – a company designed to provide coaching, and training in personal self motivation
– Founder of Wisdom of Camino Tours formed to promote and learn and organize Camino tours from Canada.
Ariana’s qualifications and expertise is explained in the Bio page.

What Will I See There?

Perhaps Yourself!


Ariana promises a true learning experience and is there every step of the way to ensure have a healthy, safe, and fun time. There will be many conversations and reflections along this journey and Ariana is a wonderful conversationalist. There will be plenty of time for reflection alone or with the group or with whomever you meet along the way. Have fun!